The Team

Rahel Anne Bailie

Founding CEO and Primary Consultant

Rahel is a results-driven, seasoned consultant with extensive experience in digital transformation. She has a strong track record of delivering end-to-end content systems in the context of digital strategy projects, often in environments with complex content delivery requirements. Her core area is developing content strategies to implementing content and information operations. Her experience spans multilingual and multicultural organisations to those with multiple regulatory needs. She is the professional who delivers the hard truths and sometimes difficult prescriptions that help organisations leverage their content as a business asset.

We are Content, Seriously

Content, Seriously associates are acknowledged by industry and peers to be among the best of the best. These consultants have been included for the deep expertise they can bring to any project.

Madi weland solomon

Semantic technologies

Madi brings over twenty years of knowledge and experience from a range of sectors. She is a creative technologist that specialises in corporate taxonomy, information architecture, digital strategy and semantic technologies. 

As an independent consultant, she has advised on enterprise taxonomy, digital asset management, data modeling, and systems interoperability to large companies and cultural heritage institutions.

Tim Woodhouse


After 25 years in regulated content and localization, Tim is in the unique position of having built a broad experience of both buy and sell-side perspectives. 

He leads clients through the process of aligning their localization strategy with their content and digital objectives, which are key to delivering a strong and secure content supply chain.

Kristina Huddart

Digital Asset Management

Kristina Huddart is an independent DAM consultant with over 9 years of experience in the DAM industry working on the client-side across industries including finance, startup, charity, cultural heritage, energy, retail and eCommerce, and events sectors.

She has held roles including DAM Librarian, Product Owner and Head of Creative Operations. Huddart Consulting specialises in building strong, successful DAM operations with the right combination of people, process, data, and technology.

Charlie Southwell

Digital Marketing and SEO

Charlie has over ten years experience in helping organisations build better digital presences to meet and exceed their business objectives. He is a channel agnostic digital marketer who will challenge why you are undertaking activities that aren’t proving results. 

He has worked with many clients ranging from UK Government, Aldi, Channel 4, Microsoft, and Red Bull UK. He is an award winning marketer, who focuses on the key objectives behind any planned marketing activity.

Theresa Regli

Digital Asset Management

Theresa is a 25+ year veteran of the information technology industry, with a focus on Digital Asset Management (DAM). 

As a consultant or fractional chief digital officer, she advises executives and technology project leads on DAM and broader digital strategy, data design, technology business cases, and vendor selection, and subsequently supports the sustainment of digital stewardship and best practices.

sophie freiermuth

Experience Design

Sophie has designed experiences since 1999, working around the world for the biggest brands in a range of industries, bridging users, customers, brand, and business. 

She expanded her UX work to service design in 2015 and user research in 2017. She works with many unknowns, applying tactical exploratory processes to clarify what products and services should deliver for users, and could deliver for the business.

chris west

Brand and identity

Chris West believes that brand language is the most underused tool for engaging customers. With his training in linguistics, he’s specialised for over 20 years in bringing brands to life by creating a distinctive tone of voice and helping wider teams use it successfully.  Chris loves to train copywriters and non-writers, including undergraduates at Oxford University, funeral directors in Manchester and rocket scientists in Silicon Valley.